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So far so umm not good? These 2 weeks had been so tiring. We are all stressed out. He (Zaheed) was summoned RM100 for wearing jeans to class (we’re taking diploma in Tourism Management and our faculty does not allow jeans, round neck etc etc to class, office attire only). I had reminded him beforehand -.- But still, kesian him:( Got to go, have to wake up early tomorrow, goodnight owls:)


Classes are starting in 2 days time. I am aiming for Dean’s List this semester. I did pretty bad for the previous one and so I have promised myself to work hard to achieve my goal. MUST. STUDY. And my boyfriend (who is also my coursemate & classmate) and I have agreed that whoever gets lower pointer will have to treat the one with higher pointer food. I am definitely not going to lose. So chiao Tumblr, hello books:) But I still have 2 more days, don’t I?

❤ AZH ❤

Had a fight with the boyfriend. My fault:( I was being over sensitive and asked for a breakup. I know, I was being immature. I act before thinking. He called and begged me. Ya Allah rasa bersalah glak, my stupid mistake and he was the one to apologize. But we are all good now, alhamdulillah. Thank you so much for keeping up with me, you know who you are

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